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Protect What Is Yours: Window Films for Added Security

There is a common misconception that window films are only manufactured as the dark panes that cover the windows of expensive cars. However, this is far from true. Window films are manufactured for a number of different purposes. One of the most important places people install this useful film is on the windows and glass doors of a residential home or commercial building.

Types of Window Films

A safety film will keep glass from shattering upon impact, and if a window is severely damaged, the film will hold glass pieces within the window frame instead of scattering across your yard or floor. Alternatively, an anti-graffiti film is made of a specialty layer that is resistant to spray paint and other forms of vandalism.

There are also solar films that repel the harsh sunlight and help maintain more stable temperatures within the home. Some films serve as decorative fixtures for the interior glass doors and walls of a commercial building. These decorative films can display a company name, logo, or generic design for informational and/or ornamental purposes. Any type of window film can be easily installed on residential (or commercial) windows and glass doors.

Benefits Specific to a Security Film

A security film is a durable adhesive that is applied to the glass windows and doors of your home to increase the strength of the glass. Unlike a safety film that prevents shattered glass, a security film is designed to withstand significant impact without any breakage or cracks. Aptly named, a security window film is installed to prevent burglars and other intruders from entering your home. Even better, these durable films increase security without changing the look and design of your home.

Benefits Specific to a Privacy Film

A privacy film is intended to do just that, providing a desired level privacy in your home or office. The tinted or patterned film conceals the interior of your home from those on the outside. Just as window films are able to prevent bright sunlight from bothering your eyes, they also protect your interiors. High quality films are able to prevent most of UV rays from the sun from beaming into your home, without eliminating the natural lighting altogether.

Most people crave a room filled with natural light, but the sun streaming through your windows is not doing your interiors any favours. However, most window coverings are inadequate with regard to solving this issue, because in order to protect your valuable flooring and furnishings, you need to block the harmful sunlight. This contradicts the purpose of having glass windows in the first place. A window privacy film is a great way to protect your furniture, carpet, and artwork from sun damage and fading.

In addition to aesthetic considerations, films that cover your windows can also solve security concerns. The films will make glass harder to break and even keep it from shattering in certain situations. Just as well, privacy films obscure the interior of your home so as to hide the presence of valuable items. A customised window film will greatly enhance your in-home experience.

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