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Best Chicago Neighbourhoods for Families

Whether you are thinking about your move, or you’ve already chosen Chicago as the best city for you and your family, know that you are in luck. The windy city has it all! Business, culture, entertainment…Not to forget some of the best Chicago neighbourhoodsfor families. After the big fire in 1871. Chicago’s architects made a great strategy for its rise from the ash. Their original idea was to create a city that will fulfill everyone’s need and to cover it with green surfaces. And looking at Chicago today, we can undoubtedly say it has come pretty close to nailing their goal.

What makes one neighbourhood family-friendly?

If you are moving to Chicago with your family or you are planning to start one there, you will need to know how to correctly search for a house. You will want to start from finding neighbourhoods that are safe and family-friendly.

If you are moving with your children, you will want to find the safest Chicago neighbourhoods for families.

Here is what you will need to do in order to find your dream home.

  • Inform yourself about the crime rates in different Chicago suburbs. Most of them are safe, but you will need to know which one you should most definitely avoid if you want to find the safest environment for your family.
  • Ask yourself the important questions. Where is the nearest school for your children? How far is the first park where you can play withthem or go for a walk? Is there any museum, theatre? What about the grocery store? All of these questions we usually ignore when we move alone, but having a family requires of you to act responsibly.
  • Find the location that has all within short walking distance.

There are a lot of different and beautiful locations, which will make your search for the perfect home even harder. Here is where we come in handy! As you continue reading, you will find our top picks for the best Chicago neighbourhoods for families. You will make your decision as easy as counting to three.


Beverly is a community area located on the South Side of the Chicago. This Chicago neighbourhood is famous for its Irish heritage and beautiful architecture. If you have ever been to Chicago, you know that this city is, for the most part a flat area. But, in Beverly, you can find a few green hills which make it a real breath of fresh air. People are friendly and hardworking. They tend to stay here, so you can find families that are staying in the same neighbourhood for generations! Almost every household has enclosed yards, which is great for your little ones.They can run around and you won’t be worried about their safety. Houses can be a little more expensive, but you can always find an older one. There are a lot of easy tips about home renovation that will help you get the perfect home from your dreams.

Apart from the great public and private schools, there is also Art Center and art galleries, numerous parks, historic districts, and a 60-year-old forest. If you want to explore Beverly with your family, don’t forget to make a stop at the original Rainbow Cone.

Original Rainbow Cone has been serving up ice-cream for more than 80 years!

Lincoln park

Heading to the North Side of Chicago you will find Lincoln Park. Another great place for you and your family. Before contacting Wolley Movers Chicago for helping you to relocate to one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Chicago, let’s learn more about it.

Lincoln Park is stretching along the coast of Lake Michigan.It is Chicago’s largest public park, largest than the New York’s Central Park, too! It offers you fresh air and magnificent lake views. Also, this is a home to many great museums, famous Lincoln Park Zoo, Kids Science labs and numerous playgrounds for them. Even your soon-to-be-student will be happy since you can find a lot of colleges in this area. This all together makes Lincoln Park one of the best Chicago neighbourhoods for families.

 Forest glen

One of the main reasons why many people find Forest Glen as the best Chicago neighbourhoods for families is the position of a police station. It is located right in the neighbourhood and plays an important role in making Forest Glen as safest as it can be. This area has a lot to offer to you, especially its beautiful nature. You can spend Sundays with your family outside; embracing everything that Forest Glen can offer you. Comparing to the city center, this is a little slow-paced neighbourhood. This means you can find peace and quiet, even if only moving locally from the city center.

The Gold Coast

Gold Coast has a neighborly feel. Its architecture is a mixture of vintage mansions and high-rise condo buildings. This area attracts visitors and new residents, too. Gold Coast has some of the strongest schools, famous restaurants, historic monuments and a close proximity to the lakefront. This is a perfect location for those who want an extremely safe but also a fun environment for their family. Head out to the Oak Street Beach or Goudy Square Park with your family and take the stress out of your big move.

The Gold Coast has everything your family needs.


Tucked away on the North Side of Chicago, you can find Edgewater. Many people refer to it as a “family dream”. Originally, it was built as a summer destination for the elite, but today is known for its low crime rates and a safe environment. This ranks Edgewater high on our list of the best Chicago neighbourhoods for families. Its public and private schools are very popular and children like them. Edgewater is famous for its ethnic restaurants, museums, theatres, and most importantly affordable homes for families. So whether you pick this neighbourhood, or the ones listed above, you will feel relaxed knowing you have found the best one for you and your family.

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