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Pre-Winter Home Maintenance Tips

If you live in Ireland, you will be well aware of the severity that the winter brings, and after a few months of warm weather, it is almost time to batten down the hatches and prepare for the annual freeze. The long list of things to do includes checking insulation and undertaking a visual inspection of the exterior, including the roof, and to ensure you don’t forget anything, here are a few tips on preparing for the winter.

 Order your Fuel

If your home uses heating oil, it is a wise move to order for the winter in advance. For those who live in Ireland, contact Campus Oil, who have the best prices and unrivalled delivery service of heating oil throughout the country. They are well-established and very reliable with their deliveries, which is ideal for the busy person who has limited time. Oil prices vary greatly between seasons and by ordering in the summer months, you can make significant savings, and once your tank is full, you can relax, knowing you are covered for the winter.

Service the Heating System

This must be done annually, and the best time to do it is just before the winter. Your local heating oil supplier would probably service heating systems, so you can kill two birds with one stone, by having the system serviced when they deliver the winter supply of heating oil. An inefficient system will burn more fuel, so it makes sense to have it inspected, and any defective parts can be immediately replaced.

Think Insulation

If your home is already well insulated, you have nothing to worry about, however, many homes could do with an extra layer of loft insulation, and don’t forget to draught proof the windows and doors, as they are prime areas for heat loss. Check all windows and doors by closing them and feeling for draughts around the frames, and if you need to replace anything, there are modern draught proofing strips with a sticky backing that can easily be fixed to any door or window.


Stock up with Provisions

It can snow at any time, and if you live in a remote area, consider stocking up with things like tinned food. If the worst happens, and you are snowed in for a few days, at least you will be warm and will have food. Buy some candles, in case of a power outage, or have a few torches at hand, just in case. We all take it for granted that we can pop down the shop at any time and buy whatever we need, yet when it snows heavily, the roads could be blocked for a few days, depending on where you live.

The winter brings inconvenience and sometimes a little hardship, but if you prepare for the oncoming cold weather, things won’t be that bad. Fill up your heating oil tank in the autumn when prices are lower, and you will be ready for that cold winter that always shows up in November.

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