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5 Beautiful British Home Improvement Trends for 2018

There has been a good rate of homes being built in Britain in the year 2017.  It has surged to 21% higher than what it was a year ago. Those projects got started as well as completed in the same year. At the beginning of the year, 43,170 homes started the construction and 39,520 homes completed the works. These were the latest figures received from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

With the increase in the number of homes, people check out to improve their homes and make it attractive and as homely as possible. No matter how many numbers of homes are built, but always there will be room for improvement. Many of the homeowners look to emulate popular design choices during home improvement and remodeling process. There are about plenty of trends out there to fit anyone’s style.

Below are certain home improvement trends for 2018 one must keep in mind to have a well-furnished home.

  • Bright Colored Kitchens

Bright kitchens bring a good welcoming energy to a room. Colored cabinets, modern appliances, and handy fixtures are becoming more common in homes. It offers the homeowners the ability to give their kitchen a good personal touch. The color spread around the home should be free-flowing and should not be bound by strict colors and patterns. In the past, only colors we could see was muted gray and white, but now experts suggest the homeowners add bright and cheerful hues to update your kitchen.

  • Marble is Back in Market

Marble is back with a bang, and it is not just for countertops, but it completely took over bedroom walls, shower interior, powder rooms, matte marble flooring and everywhere in between. If you want a classic, timeless look, then marble is the one to be your choice!!

  • Roof Windows

When the concept of an opening window that allows both light and fresh air into space arisen, the roof windows come into the light. It is an innovative inclined roof window design idea from a Polish company FAKRO and is a contemporary alternative to skylights. A roof window which transforms into small roof balcony allows plenty of light and fresh air into a room, enhancing the modern house interior and exterior design with an architectural feature that enables energy saving. It’s surely a convenient new product for your home redesign.

  • Smart Home Gadgets

Technology and modernity go hand in hand. Technology makes it very much easier to monitor and control the safety of your home with the help of a smart device. Homeowners experience both accessibility and affordability with the growing trend in home automation. Implementation of voice-activated devices, like that of Amazon’s Alexa, has given a chance to the homeowners to give commands such as when to dim the lights, pull down the curtains or play your favorite song. These smart gadgets also lower your electric bill.

  • Matte Appliances and Decor

If you are not a bright color person and you prefer a bold look, then look no beyond as Matte kitchen appliances and accessories are there in the consumer market. If you get drawn to subtle, muted looks, then Matte appliances and accessories provide all that to satisfy your likes.

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