Care giving Services Vs. Senior Homes – Which One To Choose?

The family members of an ailing senior understand the value of caregivers. These are professionals qualified enough to take care of the seniors especially if they are suffering from dementia or diagnosed with any chronic disease. The caregivers also babysit children and take care of the post-surgery patients. But the senior facilities on the other hand are exclusively designed for the elderly residents. This is a residential service where the seniors can choose to live independently or under the supervision of the assisted service providers. At CCRCs, they also provide nursing services. The seniors and the family members can remain confident about staying in these facilities for the 24/7 observation they ensure.

Constant medical care

The caregivers are individual professionals recruited by licensed agencies to take care of the seniors. They charge hourly rates and mostly they don’t have any constraint to stay back for longer hours per request. They help in cooking, light housekeeping, bathing, cleaning the seniors. They also feed them and help them in taking the medicines on time. After their duty is over the caregivers leave for the day. They offer in-home services as well as can also travel with their clients on special request.

The senior facilities on the other hand are residential services where the seniors move in and stay independently or under the assisted senior services. The facilities ensure 24/7 medical provisions. Those elderly people who are suffering from chronic diseases or suffering from the trauma of old age seek constant support. Often the family members fail to do that for them and hiring a caregiver throughout the day and night can become more expensive. Thus, there are many families of individual seniors that prefer to stay in the residences for the constant care they seek.


The seniors are safe in the presence of the caregivers. They take care of the, throughout the time they are around. Along with helping them in bathing, cleaning, cooking and eating- the caregivers also read them books or drive them for the therapies or doctor checkups. But as they caregivers leave, the seniors are vulnerable without the help of the family members if they are very feeble and weak.

The senior facilities are 100% safe. Mostly, they install cameras across the property to keep an eye on the residents and the visitors coming and going. The seniors are also provided with 24/7 care. Thus without being a burden to anyone- the seniors can happily at these facilities.

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