The Essential Benefits Of A Bidet Simplified

The purpose of a bidet toilet provide both comfort and convenience has grown full that many come to welcome it in their homes. From its simple beginnings in France in the 1600s, a bidet toilet water spray has evolved from a simple wash basin to the most sophisticated one push mechanism.  

To this date, almost 80% of Japan homes add bidet to toilet, while few units have taken off in the United States. Many Asian countries, too, are seeing the advantages of using a toilet seat that cleans you whether in many homes or public establishments. European places, particularly those in the Western part as well as Latin America and the Middle East also enjoy the benefits of a bidet. Though still many nations are not considering this type of toilet seat as a necessity, this trend, though, is still yet to change as nothing is permanent in this world than change itself.

What perhaps made bidet a hit among the Japanese or Asian people are the many advantages it offers. Even the citizens from most European countries see the beauty of a bidet either in one’s home or public places.

Boost Confidence

For those who just had a surgery or medical operation, a bidet is a great help to boost their confidence. Patients can use the bathroom without any assistance as they can wash themselves hands-free. For the elders who feel a little shy whenever a caregiver wipe or clean their bottom, they can now go to the bathroom by themselves and clean as well after use. With a bidet, many feel to regain their independence.

More hygienic

Many believe that water cleans better than paper. It washes the dirt off the behind just like how it flushes the toxin from the bowl. Many also feel cleaner and more confident that no residue left after they washed with water. Most likely, the use of water reduces the possibility of bacteria built up and spread as it cleans any dirt right away.  

New Level of Comfort

There is an American bidet company (bidetgenius.com) that introduces such kind of seat to provide comfort to users. As paper towel can be abrasive, a splash of water gives comfort and a refreshing feeling. Unlike a tissue paper which may contain added chemicals and perfume, water from a bidet is just pure water any household or establishment use in their everyday need.

Reduce Paper Waste

The use of water definitely cuts back tissue paper consumption. With this less demand for disposable items, fewer trees need to be cut down to manufacture toilet paper. More so, the overflowing paper waste will also be cut down with less production and use of tissue.

Relieves Health Discomforts

With the use of water, there is less irritation and abrasion. Given this level of comfort, it is safe to conclude that many who suffer from hemorrhoids will feel better with a bidet than with a tissue paper.

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For ladies who are having some menstrual cramps, many attest that the use of a bidet toilet water spray somehow lessens the discomfort of dysmenorrhea. Likewise, they feel a higher level of freshness when they wash with water than by just wiping off their behind with a dry or wet tissue. The same goes for mothers who have just given birth. As their private part is extra sensitive, the gentle splash of water from the bidet will provide them with soothing and relaxing comfort.

The benefits of using a bidet increase as many discover its benefits. How about you, have you tried a bidet already? Share your experience with us.

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