Here’s How You Can Design Homes With Sconces

Lighting is easily one of the major elements of a well planned interior theme, and there are many options in both classic and contemporary style that you can think of. Among the classics that you can try are wall sconces. In this post, we will give you some basic ideas to get the right fixtures and options.

The purpose

Lighting isn’t just for style; neither is it just a means of creating illumination. Ideally, you have to decide on the purpose of a fixture before you get it home. Sconces can be used for three different purposes as listed before.

  • For a task: If you want to add a sconce for reading or creating light for the home office, you have to pick something that has good light. Such designs are often very minimalistic, but ensure that the illumination is strong enough.
  • For balance: In many homes, designers work to create a balance between aesthetics and lighting, and such sconces are usually very mixed for functionally. Basically, these are stylish designs that also emit the right kind of light for general needs. If you aren’t fond of funky chandeliers, this kind of styling is what you need.


  • For style: Sconces in many classic homes are just an element of décor. These are designs that are crafted and created to ooze style, and there is a sense of old school art in that. Of course, contemporary designs are always available, but nothing can actually beat the beauty and style of crystal sconces.

Where to buy?

There are pretty good online stores, where you can check all kinds of sconce designs, although it is a good idea to play around a single theme for the entire house. Don’t be hesitant to take a chance with new ideas, but with classics, you have to pay a little more attention to detailing!


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