What Are Your Options When Buying a New Mattress

As we now well know, sleep is an integral part of maintaining good bodily health; if you are sleeping badly, it may be time to purchase a new mattress. When we decide to replace our current mattress with a newer example, it is vital we consider a number of factors. Shopping for a new mattress is sometimes confusing, with hundreds of different options across many different categories. This short article aims to simplify the process by narrowing your options to three main mattress types and discussing their benefits and how they might partner well with your chosen platform bed frames. It is important to remember at the outset, there is no correct book answer, and your new mattress must be comfortable and supportive for you and you alone.

The Different Types of Mattress

Modern mattress design has advanced considerably during the last thirty years with the introduction and development of new materials and technologies. When deciding what type of mattress to buy, you will normally have three main types to choose from –

  • Traditional coil/spring mattress – this oldest type of design is sometimes called innerspring; it uses a layer of springs over a covering of fabric. The thickness of the wire used in the springs defines the firmness of the mattress, with options both soft and firm. Spring mattresses are perfect for those who prefer a cooler bed as the springs offer better airflow than foam examples.
  • Memory foam – this more recent innovation uses layers of synthetic foam or natural latex to provide support and warmth by holding the body in place during the night. Foam mattresses offer an excellent middle ground with a supportive and pressure-relieving fit perfect for side sleepers or those needing spinal support.
  • Hybrid foam – this type of mattress uses a mixture of springs and foam to provide the best of both worlds; they offer the support of the foam and the cooling effect of the springs. Hybrid mattresses are an excellent choice for heavier sleepers or those who sleep on their front.

Mattress design is continually evolving, with gel memory foam being one of the most recent developments; the tiny beads when combined with an open cell design help to improve airflow and cooling on warmer nights.

If you can afford it, consider a handmade mattress; you can visit the manufacturer’s stockist, try different mattress types, and decide what combination of materials works best for you.

Your mattress is a vital part of your sleeping regime, and now, armed with this information, you can confidently approach buying your new mattress.

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