Interior Design Trends to Re-invigorate Your Home

How we decorate our homes is often driven by many factors, from the colours and textures we choose for the walls and floors to the furniture and accessories filling the rooms in our houses and apartments. Homeowners want their homes to feel grand, have a certain level of sophistication, and have a relaxed and comfortable feel. This short piece will look at some current trends that interior designers are promoting and using in their showpiece designs. So, if you would like tips on everything from colour schemes to a crystal chandelier, Thailand‘s homeowners, please read on.

Great Ideas for Your New Interior

  1. Antique Tiles – reclaimed or reproduction tiles are particularly popular, with vintage-inspired patterns and colours forming a highly decorative approach in kitchens and bathrooms.
  2. Blue Tones – the reassuring colour of the sea promotes calm, and aqua is set to be one of the hottest colours for next year; use it in furniture or smaller accessories for a cooling flash of brilliance.
  3. Conversational Seating – interior designers are encouraging us to come together with seating arrangements that promote the idea of sitting closer, allowing us to sit and talk.
  4. Hiding Your Home Office – with the continued rise in working from home, workstations are being designed to fold away and are disguised as writing bureaus and drinks cabinets.
  5. Luxury Outside Lights – with summer coming, we all want to spend more time in our gardens; high-end lamps in anodised metal or stylish polished brass and LED tech will be adorning the patio areas and gardens next year.
  6. Cork Floor Panels – this material has great thermal properties and is now a viable alternative to underfloor heating; this trend is eco-friendly and available in different coloured tones.
  7. Wavy Wood – Straight-edged wooden furniture is out in favour of pieces with fluid and curvy forms; chairs and tables in polished, stylish wood can look great in the right setting.
  8. Pure White Lamps – this new trend is about doing away with colour and emphasising shape and form; instead, invest in cool futuristic lamp designs.
  9. Concrete with Colour – fast becoming the interior designer’s favourite material, coloured concrete is a great way to stamp your style in a kitchen or bathroom.
  10. Wicker Furniture – believe it or not, the art of weaving rattan is making a comeback, with sustainable wickerwork furniture becoming very popular in stores and furniture suppliers.

If you are planning to re-decorate your existing home or move into a new property, you can use any number of interior design trends to create the perfect environment where you will be happy for many years. Get cracking today.

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