Updating Your Garage

Do you find that you don’t really use your garage that much? You may not even keep your vehicle parked in your garage except during storms. If you’ve noticed that you don’t really use this space as much as you should, you may realise it’s because your garage is fairly outdated. There may be something about the space that you simply don’t like or that needs to be changed before you can truly use the space as you’d like. Here are a few things you may need to change about your garage to utilise it to its fullest.

The Insulation

One reason you may not go out into your garage that much during the winter or the hot summer months is because it’s not very well insulated. Some garages have no insulation at all. Many stand-alone structures are not insulated, while those attached to a house may only be insulated on one or two sides. Adding insulation to any wall in the garage that is not shared with the house may help make the space more comfortable for you to use.

Your garage door may also not be insulated. While adding insulation to the walls can be done without replacing the walls themselves, that isn’t so with the door. You will need to have a new garage door installed that is insulated. Many of these roller garage doors are made of insulated aluminium and are designed to prevent as much air loss as possible.

Ease of Access

This is another factor that can often be fixed by replacing your old garage door. If you have an older home, it may have a roller door that must be opened manually. That means you would have to pull into your drive, get out of the car, and open the garage door before driving in. Some people don’t want to go to the trouble to do so, especially if it’s dark out.


Many new garage doors come with remotes that can be used to open the door from your vehicle. You can open the door, drive in, and then use the remote to close the door behind you, remaining in your vehicle the entire time. If you’re worried about your safety, you should replace your manual door with one of these automatic ones. Opening the door also turns on the light in the garage so you can see if anyone attempts to get in the door while it’s closing.


Another reason why you may not use your garage as much for storage is that you don’t feel that it’s secure enough. You may have had a break-in before or have noticed that your garage door doesn’t seem to shut quite right. In that case, you may want to replace it with a steel roller door that is as strong as many commercial shutter doors. These doors are made out of strong steel that is custom-fitted to your garage. This means they will shut perfectly and lock, protecting everything you have stored within your garage. These doors also have automatic openers and provide all the security you need.

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