Unclog drains like a pro: All you need to know

Blocked drain is one of the most common reasons why a homeowner requires plumbing services. Unluckily enough, blocked or clogged drains can lead to numerous other issues which are dangerous for your family as well. Well, you can always call a professional to take care of the disaster, but what if it’s an emergency and have to be the Superman of the house? Simple enough, some basic knowledge and the right tools will keep the situation under control till the professionals attend to the matter. For that matter, here is a post to help you gain all the essential knowledge that you need for unclogging clogged drains. Read on!

Different methods to clean clogged drains

  • Toilet plunger tips

A slow running drain is difficult to clean with this trick. Make sure that the seat or the basin is full of water when you are using rubber plungers. Also, if you are under the impression that a few jerks up and down would work wonders for you, then you might be wrong. It might take a couple of minutes and constant efforts to get the results. Plunger helps in dislodging the matter from the pipe and clear the waste water’s path which is why if the pipeline is not full of water, dislodging will be difficult leading to more significant issues.

  • Drain cleaner chemicals

Draining chemical cleaners have been known to work effectively for unclogging drains. They have a high success rate which makes it a popular option as only a small amount of the solution does the job. However, the chemical might not work for certain clogs or spaces so be aware. It’s always better to use plunger first and then move ahead with chemicals if required as these are highly toxic and can have toxic effects, including drain pipe damage.

  • Kinetic water ram

This device pumps out trapped air to clean the clog efficiently. Working with it is quite simple. A rubber fitting, attached to a cylinder is placed over the clogged drain, and the mechanical pump is used to compress air in the cylinder. By pulling the pump’s trigger, you allow the ram to release air which blows the obstruction out of the pipe. This is an effective method to clear clogged pipes. However, if you need professional assistance, experts at A Better Service can serve you well.

Natural solutions for clogged drains

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide with baking soda should help you unclog the drain. However, keeping the safety precautions in mind, keep your face and hands covered to protect yourself from any dangerous fumes.

  • Dish soap and hot water

For all the first timers, this is a great process to try out. All you need is hot water and dish soap for the magic to work. This process will especially work better if it’s the grease that is causing clogging. Drain down a good amount of dish soap liquid followed by a hot kettle of water for grease to be effectively removed. Use this process as a safety precaution at least twice a week.

  • Baking soda and vinegar

As used with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda can help unclog your drain when used with vinegar as well. Baking soda being basic, and vinegar being acidic leads to a strong chemical reaction which unwinds all the grime and flushes it out. In case you don’t see desired results in the first attempt, take a go for the second time and thank us later for it.

If you need more tools to work with, then snake wire and hanger can also be used efficiently to get a hold of all the grime and dirt and pull it out. Once it is done, you can use any of the solutions mentioned above for easy and efficient cleaning. Don’t waste any more time and clean the drains right away. If not possible, you can always call experts from A Better Service to get the task done.

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