Make the Most for your Scrap Metal

There are often items around your home or left over from work that can be put to good use. Many things that get thrown away can be recycled. When it comes to metals, everyday items may contain more than you expect. Take a second look before you toss things into the trash. You may be able to make some money by selling it instead. Here’s how to make the most of what you have.

Get Organised

When you sell scrap metal in Paddington, it is best to have them separated by type. Most places do not allow you to separate on the premises. This keeps other customers waiting and wastes the time of the employees. If you bring items in unorganised you may be paid a price that only reflects your lower quality items. If you have things like copper, you may lose money this way.


Many people bring in their copper and aluminium insulated wires without stripping them. The recipient may pay you less since they must do the prep work. Invest in an inexpensive pair of wire strippers. This one-time purchase can help you make more money in the long-run.

Call Around

Do your research before you settle on a place to sell your scrap metal to. You can call around and find the scrap yard with the best prices. You can also check their websites or ask around for referrals.

Selling scrap metal is a great way to bring in a little extra money while also helping the environment. Many items can be kept out of the trash. Organise your things before you go, strip your wires, and call around for the best prices.

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