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Security Screens Serve More Than One Purpose in Australia

If you live in Australia, you know about the importance of keeping your home secure. Not only must you protect your privacy but you need to make sure that you are safe from annoyances such as mosquitoes and flies. Therefore, the security doors you choose to install should feature security screens as well. However, the screens that are included in your door’s frames need to be of a high quality. Not all “security” screens can make this type of claim.

Premium Materials

If you wish to add a screen to security doors in Rockingham, you want to make sure that it is made of premium materials. Security door companies have various options when it comes to choosing a screen. Therefore, when making this type of upgrade, you need to make sure that the screen is as secure as the rest of the door.

This means that you want to use a high-tensile strength screen made of stainless steel. Make sure that the product also has been pretreated to fully resist corrosion. This pre-treatment should be applied before the door is powder coated. Also the composition of the screen’s mesh should be chemically certified. Make sure that the powder coating that is used is fade-resistant against the effects of the sun. Only the highest-quality mesh should be used, such as one that enables you to maintain your door for at least ten years.

You can have a security screen custom-designed and built for your current home. Security doors and screens can also be constructed utilising a range of federation cast panels. By taking this approach, your home will convey a more traditional feel.

Colour Matching

You can have the colours of security doors and screens matched to your home’s current doors and windows. Both powder-coated colours are featured as well as anodised surfaces. Actually, today’s security screens are spin-offs of yesterday’s security screens. Innovations in technology make them almost impervious to break-ins.

Therefore, these types of screens can be installed as an alternative to an alarm system. You can buy the screens made of stainless steel or an aluminium mesh design. Doors and screens are also featured in various opening designs that will not distract from the overall beauty of your home. Many homeowners like to choose anodised aluminium frames as these frames make doors sturdy and lightweight.

Access points are secured on security doors and screens so burglars walk away from the idea of forcing themselves inside. A housebreaker who has burgled a house before will walk away from houses that feature security doors and frames. When you have security screens installed, you do not have to set an alarm. The screens are made to measure and fit snugly in the doors. Plus, you can save on energy as they can be opened to ventilate a room while keeping the bugs away.

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