Factors To Consider Before Renting A Self-Storage Unit

Across various parts of the United States, people prefer to rent the self-storage units for multipurpose use. There are no restraints in keeping things in these facilities. Therefore, people falling short of space in their homes often rent the units per their requirements. You can get the storage units Doraville of different size and shape. So, here we are going to talk about a couple of factors that you must consider before renting the self-storage unit.

Choose the exact size

Larger facilities offer a wide array of units of different sizes. Most individuals opt for the 10/7 feet to 10/10 ft for their personal use. In the websites of these facilities nowadays they offer a calculator where you can gauge the exact space you need. Depending on that you can move ahead for renting the space.


Next big thing to consider is the security of the place. Make sure that the facility is secured with 24/7 surveillance whether with manpower or CCTV cameras. You will not be confident enough to rent the self-storage unit if the security of the place is not satisfactory.

Visit them physically

If you are intending to rent the storage unit in the locale, you can visit there physically and have a word with the manager. Check the surveillance systems they maintain. If you think that the place is secured to preserve your prized possessions there, then only you go to the next step to make a deal.

Things you can keep

Though the self-storage unit facilities allow storing almost anything there apart from dead bodies of humans or animals, robbed items, or theft goods, as these will be offensive acts. You can store anything from the books to furniture, and from the electronic appliances to the trucks. Talk to the manager whether they will allow you to park the truck in which you will be moving the belongings. There are many facilities that offer free parking of trucks, so talk about it, before moving in the trucks.

Storing cars and RVs

You have the provisions to drive in the cars and the RVs in these units as well. Choose the one with a covered parking facility where individuals preserve their RVs and SUVs that they don’t drive daily. Move out all the things that you keep in the vehicles and cover the RVs or the SUVs with car covers to protect it from the dust.

If you have a boat to store, you can also do that along with ski boards and other adventure accessories have.

Know the rates and negotiate

More or less, the rates of the storage units are negotiable. You can talk about it with the manager. Also, know whether it will be a package price or a monthly payment for the unit you will take.

Know about the modes of payment as well. If you are going offshore then can you pay the rents online? Know about these provisions also before signing up.

Learning about the insurance of the place is also necessary. So, these are the things that your must consider while hiring the self-storage unit.

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