Easy Winter Maintenance Tips

As the beautiful fall season comes to an end, don’t forget to prepare your lawn and trees for the winter season. Homeowners are often surprised to hear that trees do require winter maintenance. Properly maintaining a tree is an excellent way to ensure the safety of your home as well as the survival of your Maple. There are several steps that homeowners can take an order to be able to safely prepare their trees for the cold winter months.

The severity of winter storms sweeping through Western Canada is often unpredictable, but Edmonton experiences blizzards that can damage property. As a homeowner, there aren’t many DIY fixes you can take on in order to prepare for these storms. The majority of people don’t have the experience or equipment necessary to perform winter maintenance on towering trees. That’s why it’s a good idea to speak with the crew from a tree care service Edmonton homeowners trust, such as Chipps. Everyone on their team is a certified arborist and comes equipped with the right tools. You can schedule their consultation by phone or by visiting and requesting help.

Once you have a crew you know you can rely on, you can tackle winterization with confidence. In Edmonton arborists are trained to expertly trim those diseased, dying, or dead branches that could be a hazard in high wind storms. While executing this delicate process, these specialists can evaluate your property as a whole and determine which trees need their help and in what way. They can identify areas of decay, disease, and structural damage. Winter pruning must be taken on by the professionals because it can affect the way it grows in the spring.

When the professionals trim the limbs that pose the biggest threats, you can cable the remaining branches. Cabling reduces the stress high winds put on their structures by strengthening weak limbs. It can also reduce the weight of snow. Since there’s no way of avoiding that particular part of winter in the Prairies, cabling is always a great way to protect your property.

Wintertime maintenance can take some time, but in the end it’s a necessary step to prepare your home for the season. Before you cable anything on your own, make sure an Edmonton arborist is scheduled to visit your property. They can evaluate your landscape and determine the best course of action. Whether that includes pruning or removal, they’ll have you covered.

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