Why Floor Symbols are Important for Warehouses and Factories

In order to make the commercial workspace safe, floor symbols and markings are very important. You can, for example, create a forklift zone with red lines that warn pedestrians they are entering a zone where forklift trucks are at work. In former times, we did this by painting the symbols onto the floor, or adding stickers to a finished floor, yet with epoxy flooring, you can incorporate the graphics you need, which will be under the epoxy coating, offering protection.

Create Safe Walkways

When people walk through industrial spaces, accidents can easily occur and by creating pedestrian walkways that run throughout the facility, you are reducing the risk of accidents. Thanks to computer technology, you can create any floor symbols, which can either be painted or in sticker form.

Crossing Points

As well as walkways, you also need crossing points (zebra crossings) for pedestrians to cross traffic lanes and with some careful planning, you can make your warehouse or factory a safer place for all. There are hi-tech solutions in the form of movement sensors that can be place either side of the crossing points, which would automatically stop any vehicle if a person was about to cross. If you are looking for epoxy floor in Adelaide, Google will help you to locate a local contractor

No-Go Zones

There are always a few zones where people are not permitted and you can create red grids to symbolise no-go areas. The entire floor plan can be created on a computer, making sure that the floor grids and lines are in precisely the right locations and the symbols and other graphics can be added before the final epoxy resin coating is applied.

Complying with Workplace Safety Regulations

If you do not have a traffic management plan in place, this is something to remedy as soon as possible; should there be an accident, for example, if it is found that the facility has inadequate floor markings, this could lead to serious penalties for the business. If you would like to find out what the latest technology offers regarding safety floor markings, make contact with an established commercial flooring contractor and they can help you design the perfect floor plan to ensure safety compliance.

Floor Markings are Most Effective

We naturally look at the floor as we are walking, therefore, the best place to put certain lines, marks and symbols is on the floor. Talk to a leading commercial flooring contractor and see what they can do for you and your commercial premises.

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