What to Look for When Hiring a Plumber for your Emergency Situation

Often, plumbing issues catch homeowners by surprise. If you need an emergency plumber, it is imperative to find the best one. Knowing what exactly to look for can help you in making a quick decision and ensuring the job is done perfectly the first time.

You can find a plumber in various places. Recommendations from trusted family members, neighbors, real estate agents or friends are ideal. The opinions of these people will let you know how a plumber works and verify he has done great jobs before. In case you do not have anybody to get recommendations from, use the internet o find plumbers. Even if you urgently need a plumber, take thirty minutes to read up on every plumber you find. Here are the things to look for when hiring emergency plumbers Ealing.


As with other contractors, you must hire only a licensed plumber. A plumber who has no license has unverifiable credentials and may show the same level of attention to your plumbing project as they did to others.



In order to obtain a license, a plumbing business should secure insurance; however, always ensure. Uninsured plumbers can sue you when they get hurt as they work a plumbing job at your house.


A guarantee is an industry standard for verifying parts and labor. Be wary of plumbers who do not provide any kind of guarantee.


Professional Affiliations

An affiliation to a trade organization shows that the plumber has done a great job and has been doing it for some time.

Ability to Answer Queries

A dependable plumber is easily to get a hold of and has an assistant or secretary to answer calls for him in case he cannot answer his cell phone. But when he can, he should be able to answer all your questions related to the plumbing issue you currently experience.



Try to obtain at least three plumbers. When a company provides a quote lower than other companies you have contacted, be careful. They may not be including the project’s full scope or may be using subpar materials. Ensure you ask what the quoted price provides.

Reputable plumbers won’t just offer you a quote but also a price ceiling upon request when the issue goes more than what is expected. When they cannot provide you a quote over the phone due to the kind of damage, think about asking a worse scenario quote.


Remember to look for customer reviews of the company online so you can check the plumber’s quality and work. Since nobody’s perfect, a few bad reviews must not be a deal breaker. But, when most of the reviews are bad, just keep looking.

Whether you are preparing for future plumbing issues, looking for new plumbing systems installed in your house or responding to an emergency, spend time researching plumbers before deciding on one. Usually, you will get what you pay for in terms of plumbers; however, price isn’t the best way to assess the credentials of a plumber.

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