Tips for Garden Design

If you have recently purchased a new home, the chances are your garden is a rectangular patch of topsoil and your thoughts will turn to landscape garden design. Here are a few tips from the professionals to help you design the perfect outdoor living area.

  • Artificial grass – Top quality artificial grass looks just like the real thing and the great thing is, it never needs cutting. Do follow the instructions when laying the rolls and your artificial lawn should last a good few years.
  • Building a patio – This is the major feature of the garden; you can use natural or man-made pavers, or if your budget is limited, why not use crazy paving? Regarding size, the general rule is one third of the total garden size, unless you happen to have a huge back garden.
  • Plan it on paper – Prior to starting anything, you should create a floor plan that is to-scale. That way, you can get a clear picture of how your garden will look; there are a few computer programs where you can plot your garden in 3D! If you are not so confident, there’s always garden landscaping in Liss from the professionals.
  • Calculate a budget – It is very easy to overspend when landscaping, so set a budget at the very outset; Google can help you with costing and sourcing suppliers.

The best time to landscape your garden is in the spring, which leaves you a lot of time for preparation and planning.


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