The Reasons Why Property Should Be Part Of Your Portfolio.

Many of us want to have a strong financial portfolio that will protect us now and provide us with much needed income when we reach retirement age. Your friends and family have probably been telling you that you should invest in property and yet you have fought them tooth and nail because you thought that it wasn’t a wise investment at all. You’ve probably seen the prices of property going up and up over the past 5 to 10 years and it’s likely that you are kicking yourself because you didn’t purchase before when you could have.

You can’t afford to miss out on this again because there are large properties for sale in Dubai and they are available at fantastic prices. You want to be investing in property so that your money increases in value over time and if the past 30 years is anything to go by then you should see your investment rising. If you still need some explanation as to why property should be part of your financial portfolio then please read on.

* It will provide cash flow – Once you buy the property, you can rent it out on a monthly basis and so this will provide you with monthly income for as long as you want it. Obviously it is best to invest in larger properties because you can charge more rent and these larger properties may include business premises as well.

* Fantastic ROI – There is absolutely no doubt that your investment in property will increase over time if past history is anything to go by. It is definitely a seller’s or renter’s market at the moment and so you can take advantage of this. It is important that you understand that it is not guaranteed that your property will increase in value but it is very likely.

* A secure long-term investment – Many people like to flip property and make quick cash but it would be best for you to look at the purchase of property as a long-term investment and so this means that you can afford to wait for it to go up in price. Obviously you can rent the property out and enjoy the income from that until the value of the property goes up.

The thing to remember as well is that there are many tax advantages to buying property in Dubai and the government here are openly encouraging buyers to invest.

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