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Skips are large open waste containers that can carry a huge amount of waste and are designed for being loaded over a special lorry that carries these waste and dumps them in a landfill, far away from human habitation. Skip bins are generally trapezoidal in shape and has a provision for a large door hinged down to allow mechanical loading and unloading of the waste. These are very strong and durable enough to bear all the waste and regular loading and unloading. This blog is basically about renovations skip bins and what features should they have if used for renovation or remodelling purposes.

Why ?

One of the major concerns during renovation or remodelling is disposal of the renovation waste and finding suitable logistics for the safe disposal. Often without such facilities one tends to dump the wastes in a manner that turns out to be messy and even costs a lump sum amount from the pocket. Hence in such case skip bins come into the picture. A proper size needs to be decided for the skip bins and then the hirers need to be contacted for scheduling a fixed delivery date and providing a team for safe transmission and disposal of the remodelling wastes.

Pointers to be kept in mind before using any skip bin

Following are some pointers that need to be kept in mind before using any renovations skip bins: –

  • Identify the waste materials– Before deciding the type of skip bin to be used, first of all the types of waste materials that will be generated needs to be considered. Jotting down the list of such wastes like bricks, old fixtures, rubbles, insulation etc. will help in deciding the volume of the skip bin that can be used and hence the disposal team can be informed about this prior in advance. However, some wastes that cannot accommodate in the bins need to be avoided like oils, trees, asbestos etc. and hence be disposed separately.
  • Determine the correct skip bin size- To determine this, first the surface areas of all the rubble structures need to be summed up and then multiplied to their thicknesses to obtain the total waste volume to be disposed. From this volume, one can compare with the standard volume of the skip bin available with the disposal team and then book the one that can accommodate the calculated volume easily.
  • Positioning the waste in a particular region- All the waste generated needs to be dumped in a particular region so that it becomes easy to transfer them into the skip bin hired. It also ensures that the skip bin capacity is not exceeded and the disposal process occurs smoothly.
  • Keeping the waste within level mark- Each skip bin has a certain level mark and that must not be exceeded so as to aid in quick transfer and disposal of the renovated/remodelled wastes.
  • Confirming the standard rate chart for hiring- All kinds of confirmation needs to be done to know the exact standard rate chart for per day keeping of the skip bin.


Hence from this article our readers can gain the insight of the pre-requisites before hiring any renovations skip bins and what kind of contents can be disposed by them.

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