Important Elements of an Outdoor TV Enclosure

If you have a bar, restaurant, or just a patio on your house, you probably love spending time outside. The time you spend outside is great because sunlight has been shown to boost moods, fresh air can make everyone feel better, and nice weather doesn’t cost you anything on your power bill. Spending time outside is a money-saver and simply enjoyable; however, you might miss a few amenities from inside. One thing people miss when they are spending time outside is watching television.

If you have a bar or a restaurant, you know how much money you can make by attracting sport fans to come watch a match. Since smoking is banned in most places indoors, if there are any smokers among your customers, they have to go outside. The same is true of noisy customers. If you want your customers to be free to enjoy themselves, while also watching the game, you need to invest in an outdoor TV enclosure. You can find a great outside TV cabinet here.


There are certain televisions or monitors that you might interact with by touch. That is often true of televisions that are outside, if you want your customers or your guests to be able to operate the television. Also, many people have kiosks at their businesses that are touchscreens. For example, some ordering screens or menus can be digitised. Your TV enclosure would therefore need to be conducive to touchscreens. However, it would also need to be completely protective. It has to keep your electronics safe from wind, sun, and rain.

A touchscreen works by creating a tiny circuit with the biomagnetism of your body; that’s why most touchscreens don’t work with inanimate objects. So, the screen has to be specially designed to allow that circuit to pass.


When the sun comes out, it can cast a serious glare on the screen of your television. When that happens, it can be incredibly difficult to see what is happening. While this can be annoying when you are inside, it can be absolutely awful when you are outside. The glare of a bright sun can be counteracted by a great TV enclosure that comes with anti-glare technology.


A television enclosure allows you to keep your television outside; that is a great convenience to you but it also means that you need to make sure your enclosure locks. If you have an enclosure at a business, you need to lock it to keep it from being tampered with. You also need to lock it to make sure that it is safe from theft; obviously, any piece of expensive electronics that is left outside overnight is going to be a target for thieves.

Storm Protection

Protecting a TV from the elements involves more than just keeping the enclosure watertight. Keeping the rain out is an important task, but your enclosure also needs to provide protection from storms. Storms have high winds, hail, and debris carried by the wind. Strong, clear plastic is one of the best ways to protect a TV from such damage.

A great enclosure can open up many possibilities.

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