How to Lay Turf Like a Professional

Laying garden turf is a little like bricklaying; it looks easy enough until you actually try it, and while there is always your local landscape gardeners in Woking, it is possible to do a first-class job, if you know what you are doing. Like most things, laying turf is all about preparation, so it is essential that the area to be grassed is level, with smooth contours and is free of stones and other objects.

  • Ground Preparation – The area to be turfed should be mulched up with a small earth ploughing machine, or rotovator, which breaks up lumps and leaves soft soil for the turf to bind with. Once this is complete, you need to rake the area, removing all stones and other objects that might be present, which should leave the area ready for the turf.

  • Laying the Turf – The landscape gardener would start at one specific point and work in a forward direction, working over the turf that has just been laid, and in order to do this, you will need a few scaffolding planks to cover the laid turf, as it is not possible to walk on the turf for at least 2 weeks. Working over the turf you have just laid has other advantages, as the heavy boards flatten the turf, helping each piece to knit with the adjoining ones, besides if you walked on the ground prior to laying the turf, this would not leave a smooth finish.

Turf should be laid much like brickwork, staggered to ensure they knit together, and with daily watering, the turfed lawn should be ready for use after a couple of weeks.

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