Giving a Tired Searching Kitchen a Facelift

Allow me to begin by describing the present condition of the kitchen. How big the area is small (although I’ve come across smaller sized). The stove doesn’t work, the sink appears like it’s as old because the house, the refrigerator door doesn’t close completely, and also the linoleum floor has lost its original color and it is torn in a number of places. Someone may say gut this kitchen and begin again. However, the average consumer is on the very tight budget and since I really like challenging, I decided to supervise this task and use things i have.

You are able to bring in help to complete all the hard physical work for you personally or ask a few buddies to provide you with a hands for that weekend and save a lot of money. This kitchen makeover cost the homeowners roughly $3500 including replacing the refrigerator, stove, sink, faucet, microwave, countertops and flooring.

Step One – By helping cover their that old

The homeowners got began early Friday morning and labored well in to the night on Sunday. However, there were occasions whenever we didn’t know when we would finish, we completed the task in only one weekend. First they removed the refrigerator, stove and drain. They got lower on their own hands and knees and ripped in the linoleum floor. Next, they carefully take away the doorways and hardware in the existing cabinets. The doorways will be presented a facelift and reinstalled, so extreme care was utilized so they won’t cause harm. Lastly, they ripped the existing laminate countertops.

Step Two – Along with the brand new

Equipped with our $3500 budget, we shopped at each appliance store and residential decorating center around searching to find the best deals on appliances and accessories. Here is a listing of the products we purchased and also the stores where we found these deals at.


Black Whirlpool refrigerator $470, black GE 30 inch stove $536, stainless double bowl sink $300, Stainless faucet $200, and black microwave $300. Sears offer totally free service. We scheduled following day delivery of those products.


2 gallons all of primer and paint (for walls) $160, 1 gallon of semi gloss white-colored paint (for cabinets) $35, electric sander (for refinishing cabinets) $30, black hardware (knobs and pulls for cabinets) $100, eight boxes of black and eight boxes of white-colored ceramic tile at $19 per box = $285, as well as in stock (black with white-colored highlights) laminate countertops $600 (which includes the price of installation).

Target and Wal-Mart

Kitchen curtains, black toaster, kitchen towels, oblong attached to the wall pot rack, rug, kitchen clock, canister set, along with other small accessories $300

Step Three – Putting it altogether

We went shopping and tore everything from the kitchen on Friday. Vibrant and in early stages ‘life was imple’ the time had come to place all of the pieces towards the puzzle together again again. There is only two days left for this makeover also it would take lots of dedication and work when we would finish promptly. We chose to choose a black and white-colored color plan because during our shopping spree the majority of the products which were inside our cost range were either black or white-colored, or a mix of the 2.

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