Colors Influence The Energy Of The House

Choosing the right shade in the bedroom can have sleep benefits. Already environments painted in yellow gain more clarity. Choosing the colors that paint the house’s walls is an activity that must be very well planned. That’s because they exert a lot of influence on the energy of the home and have the power to make an environment seem bigger than it is.

Changing the wall color helps to change the decor inexpensively, “It is only by repainting the house that it gains another astral,” says the professional. Each environment must receive the appropriate tone so that the function of the place is not impaired. The bedroom, for example, needs relaxing colors. On the other hand, the office gains more pleasure from being inhabited when there are tones that stimulate creativity.

Dormitory – “What makes sleep restless are the warm tones,” warns the architect. Therefore, the ideal is to avoid colors such as red and orange on the wall. Such tones activate reasoning and can negatively influence the time to sleep.

“Lilac and blue and pastel tones are released because they convey a sense of calm. These colors are relaxing”, believes the expert like professional painters at Oahu for example.

Contrary to what many imagine, a black wall is not a bad idea. “This color and the gray make the room darker, which favors sleep,” says Adriana. The architect’s tip is to put a more colorful headboard in the bedroom and use a darker tone on one of the walls.

Applying yellow on the walls favors the lighting of the place

Living room – “In addition to having functionality, the colors need to have the resident’s identity,” recalls the professional. For this, it is necessary to choose a color to paint the environment according to the personality of those who inhabit the house.

The owner can choose a wall and apply a more closed, darker tone while using a base color for the other sides. According to the expert, the strategy is to offer a sense of depth.

The professional remembers that the more you work the color on a single wall, the more prominence it gains. For those who want the effect of width for the room, the architect’s tip is to paint the two sides darker and leave the background white.

Applying different colors to the walls and ceiling (beige and white, for example) helps the environment obtain a visual ceiling. “Using this tactic, the impression is that the place is ‘elongated.

Kitchen – If the intention is to keep the guests hungry, wanting to taste your recipes when entering the kitchen, using warm tones in this environment is the most suitable. “They have the power to increase the appetite.

Office – Those who work in the Home Office system indoors need to concentrate. However, the environment also requires a color that stimulates creativity, such as orange. “Very dark tones hinder the clarity, the visualization of things. In this way, the suggestion is to use lighter shades”, recommends the specialist. Yellow is a good color to bring clarity to the place. “If the environment receives little light, the paint will benefit the light that enters.

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