Choosing the most appropriate bedsheets – A guide that makes the task simpler

Keeping in mind the fact that we spend more than one-third of our lives sleeping, it makes enough sense in investing your dollars on buying the best bedding that’s not just comfortable but which also has the capability of standing the test of time. With the plethora of options that you have in the market, you must feel spoilt for choice. The process of decision making can get overwhelming and daunting at the same time.

When the bedsheets on which you lie are perfect, you know you’re in great company. Here are few pointers to help you in decoding the labels and select the appropriate bedsheets which suit you in the best way.

Choosing the material of the bedsheet

Most of the bedsheets in the market are made of cotton and still now this is the most famous bedsheet fabric that is well-known for its comfort, durability and breathability. Cotton can trap heat and allow cold air to pass through summer. With any bedsheet that you buy, you should hand test the gauge so that you know the blends. Bamboo blends have gained momentum these days and they make soft bedsheets which are often blended with other materials and cotton. Bamboo is anti-microbial in its natural form, sustainable and sips moisture. Linen sheets also work well in summer and hot weather conditions.

Checking the thread count

There’s enough buzz about thread count which is actually the total number of threads in a square inch of fabric. The easier way to assume is that higher thread count is equivalent to softer bedsheets. But one thing that you require keeping in mind is that this is not always true. There are several low-thread count bedsheets which are made of materials which are also softer than high thread count ones. If you choose Egyptian cotton bedsheets, they will feel silkier than a bedsheet which has higher thread count.

Selecting the best weave

Which one do you prefer – soft or crisp? In case you’re someone who chooses to prefer bedsheets with some snap, it is better to opt for percale which is a plain weave as compared against the smoother satin. However, it is safer to mention that neither of them is inherently better as it is nothing but a matter of choice. Do you reside in a place where it gets exceptionally cold? If answered yes, choose cotton flannel sheets as they keep you toasty.

Determining the right fit

In case you’ve tried wrestling a bedsheet that is small-fitted within a mattress, you will know how vital it is to purchase sheets which are of the right size. In case of a standard-size bed like a queen, twin or king bed, watch out for features like elastic edging as this gives a snug and smooth fit.

So, are you still confused about buying bedsheets for your bedroom? Certainly not! As we’ve given you the best possible advice on choosing the right bedsheet of the right size, make sure you follow them to the ‘T’.

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