3 Ways to Rid Yourself of those Annoying Winter Draughts

The images we have of those cosy winter nights, with the fire burning heartily, are usually cut short when we remember the terrible draughts that seem to permeate the house at winter time. There seems to be a corner in every room, usually by the window, that is always empty during the colder months, and not only that, the cold air that is seeping into the home is reducing the overall temperature. This, in turn, makes your heating system work harder to bring the temperature back up to the preset level, adding to your heating bills. Here are three effective ways to eliminate those pesky draughts, once and for all.

  1. Install aluminium secondary glazing, and that is the very last time you will ever feel a draught at home. If you live in the UK, contact Granada Aluminium Secondary Glazing who offer a range of stylish secondary glazing systems that are customised to fit the existing window frames. The designs are varied, with horizontal and vertical sliding, hinge opening, or even pull-out units, for those that like to have the windows wide open in the summer. Not only will you eliminate all draughts, you will save a lot on your winter heating bills, as so much heat loss occurs through the windows in a single-glazed environment. The money you save on heating will make this a sound investment over the years, not to mention the added comfort at home. Older properties require something unobtrusive, and because secondary glazing is invisible from the outside, it is the ideal solution for listed buildings.
  1.  Draught proofing all the windows and doors will significantly reduce the draughts, although this method is not nearly as efficient as secondary glazing. It is a lot cheaper, however, and if you have the right tools and a weekend to spare, the job is relatively easy. You might be able to cut out draughts, but that never ending stream of condensation will still be a problem in the winter, another reason to choose secondary glazing. For the DIY enthusiast, there are many types of draught proofing available, and most are attached using an adhesive strip. By fixing it on the two surfaces, namely the window and the frame, you effectively have a layer that is soft enough to retain the seal.


  1. Replace all the windows and doors with UPVC double glazed units, and there will be no more draughts. This is the most expensive way to provide effective thermal insulation, and unless your window frames are rotten, this option is an expensive thermal insulation. Many homes that were constructed decades ago, used softwood timber frames, and these rot over time, causing many homeowners to opt for the UPVC solution. If a person is considering replacement windows, try to find a style that is in keeping with the character of the property.

Thermal insulation can save you significant amounts during the colder months, and with aluminium secondary glazing, you can have an affordable way to eliminate draughts forever.

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