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Tips to Use Lighting in the Home Design

Lighting is not only an important factor for design and function of any place, but it is also a great way to express your mood. What you feel and how you enjoy it all very much expressed by the way you lit your home.

Types of Lighting

Lighting is always of various types, depending on the space and the requirement of the people. Normally, different rooms of home have different sort of lighting patterns, not all the home follows the same pattern of lighting. Generally three types of lighting is used in home design.

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• General or Ambient Lighting: These are normally the fixed bulb or group of bulbs suspended from the ceiling or on a wall.
• Task Lighting: These are used for certain tasks such as for reading purpose. These have nothing to do with lighting up a whole room.
• Display or Accent Lighting: These are used to highlight the special features of spots like a painting etc.

Now we will see how one can use lighting in different rooms in different designs:

Living Room

• Use ceiling lights with open shades to allow the light to disperse in the room.
• For softer illumination, you can use table top lamps.
• You can also use uplighters to take light into the corners of long, narrow rooms.
• In cupboards, it is better to use spotlights within a glass.

Dining Rooms

• For dining rooms, two table lamps on side tables give a softer look than a single ceiling light.
• You can also use a long hanging pendant lamp above the table to keep the focus on diners.
• In order to avoid shadows, never use straight shadows rather open shapes or chandeliers are good alternatives.


• If your kitchen is attached to the dining area, using a pendant fitting can help you distinguish the two.
• Where you want extra light, you can use track spotlights.

Entrance Hall and Stairs

• In hall and stairs avoid light that projects upward. For hall entrance and stairs, it is better to use standard, semi-directional light in order to improve the visibility.
• Hall is a place that requires a most powerful bulb that is capable of lit the vast area.
• On outside the door, you need to install all weather light. For outdoor lights you can also prefer motion sensor light.


• Use a central light that projects upward, so that you need not have any glares. For bedrooms, you can also opt for dimmer control to have soft feelings.
• For reading purposes, you can us a low wall mount lights or pendant fittings beside the bed.
• On a dressing mirror, using a fluorescent lighting is a great option.

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