Ways To Make Your New Built Home Stand Out From Your Neighbours

When you live in a modern newly built home anywhere in the UK, they are often very lovely inside, but one drawback is that they all look the same on the outside. With all the houses looking the same or similar, it can make you want to stand out from the crowd a bit and give your home some of your unique personality. There are many ways you can do this, depending on how much you can afford to spend, and any of the things listed below can help you transform your home make it look fantastic and different from your neighbours’ houses.

Add A New Front Door

Having a new front door is an excellent way to change the appearance of your home from that of your neighbours, who will all most likely have the same front door. Rather than selecting a new front door from the hundreds of available options, you can choose a custom-made front door instead when you want to stand out from the crowd. A customised front door will make an excellent first impression and ensure your home differs from other houses on the street. When it comes to bespoke doors, Oxfordshire has many reputable companies that can assist you and create a fantastic front door of the highest quality that is 100% unique, just like you.

Paint Your Windows A Bold Colour

Many new homes come with uPVC windows, and they will be the same on the houses throughout the estate most likely. One way that you can change the appearance of the exterior of your home quite significantly is by changing the colour of your windows. You can hire a reputable company to come out and spray your uPVC windows to any colour you wish and make your home appear different to all the others. It is a simple process that will take one or two days, depending on the size of your home, and it is also relatively affordable, costing about 20-30% of the cost of new windows.

Add A Fence & A Gate

Another way you can significantly change how your home looks outside is by adding a fence to your property and a gate. Your local council ordinances dictate the size of the fence at the front of the property, so you will need to check what is permissible without planning permission. You can add an automatic driveway gate, which can help restrict access to your property and increase security. The cost will depend on the size of the fence, the material used, and the type of gate you have installed.

Work On The Garden

You can also differentiate your home from the rest of the street by creating a unique front garden design that helps it stand out. You can invest money in plants and flowers and find a way to create a beautiful front garden different from everyone else, making it a focal point of the neighbourhood. There are many ways you can do this, and to get some inspiration, you can visit the Pinterest website and see lots of potential ideas for your front garden to make it stand out.

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