Tips for Installing a Fire Suppression System


A fire outbreak in your office environment or your workplace could result in thousands in damages and can have a dire impact on your company’s going concern. Installing a dedicated fire suppression system throughout your commercial workplace and your house is incredibly important. If you take a look around your place, you will realise that there are plenty of inflammable items that could instantly catch on fire.

These include:

  • Paper
  • Electronic equipment
  • Exposed wiring

Installing a dedicated system for fire suppression in Plymouth is very important, primarily because it offers greater safety for the people in the building and also reduces insurance costs drastically.

Hire a Local Company

The best thing to do is hire a local company that specialises in installing fire systems. Before installing a fire suppression system, they are going to send an expert to your place to assess the building carefully. After a careful assessment has been completed, they are going to determine the points where the fire suppression system is going to be installed, including the sprinklers and the smoke alarms.


Keeping a check on the smoke alarms and monitoring your fire suppression system is critically important. You can let a professional fire management company monitor the response and in case a fire outbreak is detected, they will instantly dispatch a fire brigade truck over to your place. This could prevent further damage and resolve the outbreak quickly before it gets worse over time.