How to Decorate Around a Black Lounge Suite

Most people, who use reclining lounge suites, either have mobility restrictions or simply like this kind of seating. Happily, when you choose this type of furniture in the colour black, you have a variety of decorating options at your disposal.

Combine the Old with the New

For example, you can mix the old with the new for a more contrasting décor. A black sofa or reclining lounger can easily be contrasted with a variety of light shades, such as a light coffee tables or ivory pillows. An ancient wall clock adds additional impact.

Mid-century Contemporary

A mid-century contemporary look adds a spectrum of brightness to a décor that features a black sofa or lounge suite. If you are contemplating a mid-century, modern styled living room, then adding the lounger will underscore the look. Include a contemporary floor lamp as an illuminating, if not pleasant, contrast.

An Industrial look

You can even make the décor look more ‘industrial.’ That means adding masculine accents such as rich colours, plants, and chrome detailing. Include a white, masculine-looking pillow in the centre of the recliner. You can also feature a monochromatic look, adding a grey table, with metallic chrome touches. To create an even more ‘industrial’ vibe, support home reclining lounge suites with sculptural artwork and earthy shades and tones.

Feminine Overtones

Whilst the aforementioned industrial style conveys a more masculine look, you may want to add more feminine touches to your decor. These accents may take the form of a vase of just-cut flowers or even a chandelier. Include pink pillows on the black couch to enhance the style. Add even a more ‘girly’ look by invigorating the space with peachy hues and tones.

Freshen The Look of Your Living Area

If you are a nature lover then underscore the look of a reclining sectional with hanging green plants. Create a palette of vibrant colours in the form of vases, trims, lamps, and artwork as well. This type of fresh look translates into a gorgeous living space.

Classic Appeal

For a more classic style, pair your black reclining lounge suite with a velvet or furry rug in black. Add hanging floor lamps in a copper shade. To solidify the classic appearance, include iron candle stands on either side of the reclining lounger. You may also want to include an extra black lounge chair.

Emphasise Neutrality

If you tend to shy away from colours you can still choose neutral hues. Such tones add just the right amount of subtlety to a living room design. Introduce the neutral tones through solid pillows in beige or grey. Then fuse in some upholstered furnishings as well as a cream-coloured sculpted area rug. Use the rug to pick up the main colours in the living area.

If you wish to convey a more casual tone, try placing several pillows on the back of the black lounger. Also, incorporating small corner tables with plants and lamps will make the room feel more relaxed. Vibrant wall colours and appealing artwork are nice contrasts.

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