5 Essential Services That Every Homeowner Might Need

If you have recently become a property owner, welcome to the world of land ownership, which brings with it the matter of building maintenance and systems repairs. Managing a family sized home is a lot easier if you pre-source the following service numbers.

  1. Emergency plumber – The system of water and waste pipes that run throughout your home can go wrong at any time and with an affordable plumber in Somerton only a phone call away, should you ever encounter a burst water pipe. Some plumbers do not charge extra for a call outside of regular hours, which saves you a lot of money.
  2. Roofing contractor – You should have your roof inspected on an annual basis and it is worth storing the roofer’s number, in case of storm damage.
  3. Satellite TV engineer – If you are waiting to watch a live sporting event and your TV reception suddenly takes a dive, you will be very glad that you took the time to pre-source the number of a local TV engineer.
  4. Drain cleaning service – No one should have to endure a blocked drain and rather than trying to unblock it yourself, you are advised to call in a professional drain cleaner, who has the tools and the know-how to make short work of a blockage.
  5. Local electrician – Most homeowners are reluctant to tackle an electrical issue at home and for good reason, as electricity is very dangerous. Look for a contractor who offers out of hours service as you never know when you might be in need of a qualified electrician.

With the above numbers stored in your smartphone, you will be ready for any domestic emergency that might occur.

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